Point of Use Water Meters

Point of Use (POU) meters are created to supply a submetering solution for those properties that can not be submetered by typical submeters due to plumbing system layouts that bring multiple pipelines right into the house or workplace (piled risers). The meters were especially developed for stacked riser plumbing setups generally found in properties that use a central boiler to supply warm water.


In a normal setup very tiny flow meters are installed discreetly on each very hot & cool electrical outlet to the shower/tub, commode, sink, recipe washing machine as well as garments washer. Depending on the manufacturer the flow meters either have actually a transmitter constructed in or are attached to an interface board/ transmitter. The transmitters report usage information to a main Processing computer that then forwards the use info to an invoicing facility where costs can be published and also sent out to the end individual.


Devices and also setup expenses are usually higher that typical systems but the payback is still typically less than a year. When choosing a POU meter, a principal consideration ought to be that the meters can be checked out by any Automated Reading System (AMR). This enables the property owner to select in between several invoicing companies and does not tie the owner to equipment that could just read by a few business.

Submetering has been confirmed by many researches to lower use by as much as 39 %. Although POU meters have been readily available for over ten years they have actually not been widely made use of till recently. With the current interest in environment-friendly remedies and also the ever increasing water and sewer and drain prices homes that in the past can not be generally metered are currently installing POU meters and also benefitting from the very same kind of use decreases that properties with typical plumbing have actually recognized for several years. Since roughly 50 % of homes and 90 % of office buildings use piled riser plumbing the benefits of submetering with POU meters have actually hardly been touched.